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Behavioural addictions are when someone becomes dependent on a specific action or activity, and it becomes the sole purpose of their life. 

Gambling addiction is probably the most widespread behavioural addiction. Compulsive gamblers become addicted to sports betting, casino games, slot machines or online gambling games such as poker and roulette. The internet and smartphones have made gambling much more accessible.

Gambling addicts tend to get reckless with their finances and with their relationships, are usually in denial and often lie to those around them.

The Cottage is part of the Life Works hospital in Woking. The main hospital also provides a wide range of  treatment options for gambling addiction and other compulsive behaviours. For more information on how Life Works can help, please click here.

“Life Works has saved my life. It has opened my eyes and made me realise how much I have to give. It has given me the tools and determination to recognise who I really am. My life will never be the same again. I am a better, nicer and happier person than ever I could have imagined. I have already recommended Life Works to a friend and there will be many more”
Lee Houghton Luxury Rehab, Addiction & Mental Health Expert at The Cottage Surrey

Lee Houghton

Hospital Director

People need to address their addictions as they are not going to get better by themselves. There is a lot of belief that people can use their will power or some magic thing will happen, the reality is that is just not true.

The Cottage offers extensive aftercare planning; we want to ensure every client who leaves The Cottage is fully supported for the future, not just during their stay with us. We provide information on services such as ‘sober living’ companies and sign post you towards safe and reliable contacts. Often we don’t take an active role in aftercare but provide you with suggestions and helpful contacts so you can continue to live as normal of a life as possible.

At the Cottage, we are experts in identifying and treating the underlying causes of a gambling addiction in order for us to restore healthier coping mechanisms for the individual. Our assessments into underlying causes will allow our team to create bespoke, tailor-made treatments plans, to meet the precise needs of our clients.

By looking beyond just the presenting symptoms, we are able to help our client regain control over their own lives. We do this in the most exclusive and relaxed setting so the road to recovery is a pleasant and comfortable one.

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Lee Houghton Luxury Rehab, Addiction & Mental Health Expert at The Cottage Surrey

Lee Houghton

Hospital Director

Prior to starting at Life Works, Lee has gained extensive senior management and board level experience within the NHS, Social Services and independent sectors across hospitals, care homes, community services and supported living settings. Lee has a particular interest and experience of multi-sites management, project managing service redesigns, safeguarding, governance, quality assurance and undertaking investigations in relation to patient safety issues. One of her greatest achievements includes being a gold winner of Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust STAR Award for Leadership. Lee also, redesigned a mental health day hospital service to create a Wellbeing Centre, which resulted in winning first prize at the South East Coast NHS Best of Health Awards for Success in Partnership Working.

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