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The process

The Cottage provides a range of highly effective treatments. Working with our experienced team we ensure that our clients have maximum input in how their programme is designed, creating a comfortable yet effective environment for recovery.

Our therapies are backed by scientific evidence and research and chosen because they are the most effective ways to treat issues surrounding addictions, eating disorders and other mental health issues. Our team have spent years working with these therapies and provide the finest, most unparalleled treatment experience for each and every one of our clients. The methods we adopt are:


Group psychotherapy

This optional service is a great way to share your problems and get emotional support from other group members. Group Psychotherapy can help a person grow – by exploring the way you relate to others within the group will allow you to better understand yourself. The Cottage offers meetings each morning at Life Works – our on-site private behavioural clinic. We recommend that if you choose this option, you should partake in the full 30 hours-a-week group psychotherapy at The Grange.  


12-step programme

This is an essential component of the path to recovery.  The wisdom of this programme is that it sees recovery as bound up with the individual’s spirituality and need for change.  An individual’s spirituality is concerned with how he or she lives life with regard to the questions of identity, meaning, value and purpose.  Conversely, any addictions or compulsive behaviours inhibit, suffocate and shut life down, with the loss of all of these life-giving values and structures.


Medication - Medical detoxification

Detoxification, or Detox for short, is the removal of any toxic substances from the body. Most drug and all alcohol addictions require a medically managed programme of detox. You will be closely observed and medication will be controlled by medical staff on-site. We understand the thought of detoxing can be a daunting prospect however we ease withdrawal symptoms with controlled and safe medication.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT allows people to understand how their thoughts and attitudes shape how they act. Our goal is to help clients change their way of thinking and their behaviour to a better and healthier way of living. Along the way, clients will develop healthy tools and coping mechanisms that can help them manage emotional problems in the future.


Individual psychotherapy

Clients get one on one time with their primary counsellor. This is a time to explore inner issues, connect and feel safe and supported. The counsellor will help clients work through their problems and develop greater insight and understanding of themselves. 


Nutritional support

This is an important part of our philosophy and fundamental to each person’s recovery.  Regular and nutritional meals are essential to feeling healthy, energised and well. We aim to support each client in this process, particularly eating disorder clients, so that food and one’s relationship with food can be explored and trusted as a necessary component of health and quality of life.


Family therapy

‘Family Works’ is an essential part of our treatment model, for clients staying 14 days or more at The Cottage. We believe that the journey towards recovery is highly influenced by family dynamics. The Family Works programme looks objectively at these family dynamics to uncover possible fears and breakdowns in family relations. It then seeks to educate and inform the family in areas of improved communication. We understand that this can be a scary prospect but can be an essential part of the client’s recovery.  We offer an optional provision of a half day Family Works session for clients staying up to 14 days or a full day Family Works session if they are staying 28 days or longer.




Yoga is a form of meditation that can provide help for the body and mind. The exercise and dynamic stretching of yoga can help with stiffness, stress and tension. It has also shown to help with mental stress, anxiety and depression by improving quality of life. In Yoga, the body is treated with care and respect which can improve circulation, stimulate the abdominal organs, and put pressure on the glandular system of the body.

Breathing techniques were developed based on the concept that breath is the source of life. In Yoga, students gain breathing control techniques, relaxing the body further.



Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person – not just a physical body, but also a psychological, emotional and spiritual being. Although Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, in practise touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques are used to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance its energy flow. It is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments can alleviate stress and maintain health and wellbeing.



Reflexology uses the application of pressure on the feet, hands and ears as a way of treating numerous ailments. It is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health for their clients.



Meditation can help people recover by teaching them how to live in the moment rather than fixating on an addiction or other problems. It can be used to clear the mind of negative thoughts and build up a more positive mental outlook. It is also very effective at relieving stress and anxiety. 

As part of your core treatment programme each day you are with us will commence with a brief meditation session. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace and put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.


Drama based therapy

Drama-based psychotherapy encourages personal growth and a healthier mental attitude. Drama gives people a way to express their problems, fears and addictions and look at them in a new light. The ultimate goal is for each client to perceive themselves from a different perspective and better understand the problems they face.



At The Cottage, we encourage our clients to nurture their own spiritual beliefs to better develop and grow themselves as people. If clients choose to incorporate this method of treatment we can help them with their spiritual recovery, while supporting their personal spiritual journey.


Problem solving

Problem Solving is a time for clients to present a specific problem to their treatment team and receive feedback and a plan of action for addressing this problem.


Psycho-educational workshops

Psycho-educational workshops are educational and combine some aspects of experimental learning and discussions. These sessions are very popular among our clients and offer valuable insight into addiction, and how it influences behaviour. 


Relapse prevention planning

A crucial part of any treatment is creating a plan to prevent each client from relapsing. This includes outlining what aftercare treatments the client will participate in, who is in their support group and what they will do if they feel the urge to relapse. This is all set out in a detailed plan to help the person stay in recovery and deal with the problems they will face in the future. 



Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage is a type of massage therapy that uses essential oils and traditional massage to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience. It promotes both deep relaxation and the healing effects of the essential oils, such as invigoration, comfort, decongestant and cleansing. A full treatment will focus on the whole body, however this can easily be customised according to your needs.


Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a form of alternate medicine that can help relax the head, neck and shoulders. It is proven to help relieve tension and stress and many people believe it has other medical properties including providing some pain relief, strengthening the immune system and aiding in recovery.



Aromatherapy massage is a deeply relaxing form of massage of aromatic essential oils diluted in a carrier oil. Your Aromatherapist will perform consultation and agree with you three main conditions you want to be taken into account when selecting essential oils.



Acupuncture uses needles or other methods to stimulate special acupuncture points which are thought to stimulate and balance the body’s flow of "qi". A growing body of evidence-based clinical research shows that traditional acupuncture safely treats a wide range of common health problems such as anxiety, depression. Acupuncture is extremely effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol misuse problems.

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