We understand that it is not just our client who is affected by the mental health condition – family and friends can also find this an extremely difficult time. At The Cottage we offer practical help and support to all involved in the journey, to ensure the most successful recovery possible.

We believe having a strong support network helps keep our clients healthy and happy long after they leave us. Our goal is to help rebuild relationships, reconnect families and rekindle friendships during treatment.

Family members are supported through a process of establishing effective communication and the renegotiation of boundaries. This process can be difficult and often emotional, but also provides the opportunity for growth and healing.

Our family programme

At the Cottage, we realise that a behavioural disorder can often be misunderstood and can come with social stigmas. This makes it even harder for family and friends to accept their loved one has a problem and denial can prevent them from getting the help they so desperately need.

The Family Programme is a one or two-day non-residential programme offered by Life Works and is dependent on a client’s needs. It is designed to enable participants to establish a mutually supportive family system whilst developing tools for ongoing growth, development and wellbeing.

The programme addresses the trans-generational cycles of dysfunction and addiction that affect many families. Staffed by our expert clinicians, families are provided with a safe and nurturing environment to overcome the problems that arise from broken lines of communication.

 The key elements to the Family Programme are:

The Cottage is designed around our highly effective treatments and skilled staff. Our therapies are backed by scientific research and chosen because they are the most effective ways to treat mental illness. Our staff have spent years working with these therapies.


    Through a series of presentations and lectures, participants will learn about family dynamics and systems. During this process they begin to identify the detrimental elements that exist within their own families and gain knowledge of new ways to resolve them.


    Families are supported in a non-blaming way through self-disclosure and sharing, to facilitate the healing of emotional pain. The re-examining of past experiences become resources for the future instead of problems from the past. The power, safety and forgiveness found in group work coupled with dynamic therapeutic techniques provide foundational and lasting benefits for each individual and as a consequence for the whole family.

  3. WRAP UP

    The final stage of the programme allows for review and consolidation; armed with new communication and coping skills, families are advised on how to implement all they have learnt to ensure continued positive changes. Our aim is to help families develop satisfying, loving and healthy relationships for the future.

I strongly feel that my counsellor listened to, and understood, my needs and this was reflected in my care. The staff and the operation as a whole is very professional and at the same time friendly in every way. I strongly feel that the treatment I have received at Life Works has been beneficial to me.


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